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PADI Adventure Diver, description of the training: 

Identification des poissons en plongée
Fish Identification.

PADI Adventure Diver training is the first part of the  PADI Advanced Open Water.
Like an adventurer, choose your specialties from a long list, such as underwater digital photography, fish identification or dry suit diving and start your diving adventures!
Upon obtaining 3 specialties, you will become PADI Adventure Diver!
Beyond discovering your preferences in scuba diving, this program also allows you to develop your various techniques, accompanied by our PADI instructors.

Registration Conditions:

This training is open to all, but you must:
 Be PADI Open Water Diver,
 Be 12 years old.
However, young divers can only participate in some dives of the PADI Adventure Dives. Contact us for more informations.


With your PADI instructor advices, choose diving specialities you like and you need!
Option are various: More technical like Peak Performance Buoyancy or Nitrox dives, or more fun like the underwater world discovery with Digital Underwater Photographer or also Fish Identification!


To Become a PADI Adventure Diver, you need your usual equipment, but also specific equipment according the selected options: dry suit, safety parachutes, compass…

Adventure Diver
 Nitrox Tanks

But our PADI Instructors will advice you about all the additional gear you need for your new trainings.

♥ Our Diving Shop is at your disposal, with all Aqualung new products!

To begin your PADI Adventure Diver training:

Start immediately by registering to PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Online E-learning option. With this interactive program, you can learn online and at your own pace, about seven of the most popular Adventure Dives.
Or you can meet us, to get the Adventures in Diving manual and video package. Your PADI Instructor will schedule with you, knowledge review sessions and dives.

So ready to become the new Indiana Jones of Scuba Diving??