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PADI Discover Local Diving, description of the training:

Like all passionate divers, you want to discover the seabed everywhere in the world.
Because every destination is unique, it’s indispensable to adapt yourself at the different environments you visit. Indeed, the scuba diving is possible in all the waters in the world, allowing us, for our greatest pleasure, an important diversity of explorations. But each environment, each sea, each ocean is different and requires specific techniques that are important to master.

Herbier de Posidonie.
Posidonie Meadow

In order to really enjoy your diving on the French Riviera, Cap Ferrat Diving offers you the PADI Discover Local Diving, an introduction of our “underwater” area and a training adapted to our seabeds.

Adopt the best underwater behavior and techniques by diving with our PADI Instructors and their good knowledge of our area, your experience will only be better! Thanks to this PADI Discover Local Diving, they will show you the secrets of Mediterranean dives!


The experience begins with your Instructor, by a specific briefing on the Mediterranean Sea characteristics: Reliefs, currents, interesting area, potential risks… but also all techniques used here.

Discover Local Diving PADI
Chapon de Méditerranée par Loïc.

He will show you and give you informations about animals and plant species that you will meet, their particularities, their preferences… and also how to interact with them responsibly and respectfully.
So, your diving Instructor will tell you and show you which behavior you need to have a nice dive in our beautiful seabed!

Key element of our sport, we advise you the Peak Performance Buoyancy, to improve your buoyancy and underwater ease!
If you didn’t dive since a long time and want a quick scuba refresher before this training, the PADI Scuba Review is the good way!


Specific equipments are not required for the PADI Discover Local Diving training, you will use your regular gear.
About the thermal protection, it depends first of all of your sensitivity. We use 6mm full wet suit (Men & Women models) with hood.
Our Instructors will suggest you if you need additional gear and Cap Ferrat Diving offers you everything you need to make your dive pleasant.
Moreover, you can find in our Dive Shop, all the new Aqualung products!