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PADI Enriched Air Diver, description of the training:

Plongée Nitrox
Utilisation du Nitrox lors d’un palier de décompression.

This PADI speciality is one of the most popular!
Indeed, it presents many advantages who make passionated divers, addict to this practice, because of the breathed air called Nitrox, is more important in oxygen, allowing dive time longer, and without decompression time, specially on repetitive scuba dives.

Our PADI Instructors will explain you, how the PADI Enriched Air allows you to dive longer and safer, without constraints for your body. So if you want to optimize your dives abroad, don’t hesitate to follow this program, Nitrox dives are usual in others countries!
And your body will thank you!

Registration conditions:

To follow the PADI Enriched Air Diver:
Be15years old.
 Be Open Water Diver.


Le nouveau mélangeur Nitrox qui équipe notre station de gonflage.

We will study together, how diving with air with higher oxygen percentage and lower nitrogen, will increase your diving time without decompression. And also which equipment is required for this practice.

Before starting this new speciality, you will:
 Discuss about oxygen exposure: Advantages and precautions.
Practice analyzing oxygen content in your scuba tank.
Set your dive computer for Nitrox diving.


Cours de plongée Nitrox
Bouteille de plongée Nitrox.

Enriched Air dive requires a specific equipment additionnal to your usual gear, that you will find in our dive shop.
First you have to check that your diving computer may be used in Nitrox mode.
Then, our team will provide you the following equipment:
 Tanks and regulators, meeting oxygen purity standards and dedicated to enriched air using.
 Oxygen analyzers and special stickers for Nitrox tanks.

To begin your Enriched Air Diver training:

You can start now by registering to PADI E-Learning, Enriched Air Diver Online, and study at your own pace through an easy-to-use and interactive program.
You can also choose the package manual and video PADI Enriched Air Diver available in our dive center. We will plan together your future Nitrox dives.

You want to optimize your dives safer and keep fitness? It’s this way !!