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PADI Scuba Review, description of the training: 

You haven’t dived for a long time and you want to get back in the water? The PADI Scuba Review training is what you need, for a reminder of your diving knowledge and techniques. Fast and easy, you’ll feel like a fish in the water again!
Indeed, this program is the very good before a diving trip or before a new PADI training. Our Instructors will review with you the technical exercises related to your level, in a secure environment, and so you will be perfectly comfortable before your new underwater adventures.


With our instructors you will review the basics principles of the scuba diving. First, how to install and check your equipment, and how to make the famous BALLO check with your buddy. Then, together with your teacher, you will review all the important concepts about safety, diving planning and also how to manage possible underwater problems. Once immersed, you will make exercices following your level, always insisting ont the most important point of diving, Buoyancy!

Key element of our sport, we can only advise you the Peak Performance Buoyancy, to improve your buoyancy.


For the PADI Scuba Review, you don’t need additional equipment than your usual diving equipment. However, our instructors will not hesitate to recommend you additional material if they think it necessary.
Furthermore, our diving shop is available for all you needs.

To begin your PADI Scuba Review:

If you want to start your upgrade immediately, you can register for the PADI eLearning Scuba Tune-up Online course. It allows you to study all the theoretical part online, with an interactive program easy to use and at your own rhythm, before you practice.
But if you prefer the paper version, visit our Cap Ferrat Diving dive center, to get your Scuba Tune-up Guidebook manual and plan your practical exercises.

Let’s go! It’s time to go back in the water!