Diving course for children

Discover the Aquatic world

To start this new adventure:
Dives but on the surface!

In order to discover a new world and have fun…

Indeed, children are primarily interested in diving. marine life, so we rely on this taste in order to teach them diving, as well as respect for the marine environment.

The pedagogy used is mainly based on games, and allows us to teach them good water control.
Decouverte Plongee Enfant

Diving for children in brief

Diving for children from 6 years old
From Monday to Friday
Every Afternoon
We equip children with specific equipment adapted to their morphology.

Activite Aquatique Enfant 06

From 6 and 7 yo

Discover while having fun with the diving equipment.
Fins for movement in the water, the mask for observing marine life and especially breathing underwater with a regulator.

Here are their first steps in the world of underwater wonders!

From the age of 8

We offer introductory or advanced training based on a pedagogy of sensations.
We teach students the basics in order to safely explore marine life.
In addition, our team shows children the fragility of the marine ecosystem and the need to protect it, because …

Respect starts with wonder!


Initiation Plongee Enfant Monaco
Initiation Plongee Enfant 06

For ages 12 and over

Thanks to PADI’s new “Junior Scuba Diver” program, children will be able to follow in the footsteps of the grown-ups!
We invite you to visit the Learn page.
Worldwide recognized certifications await them, for new adventures!

Registration conditions and information for children’s diving

The medical certificate is mandatory as well as parental authorization
Children’s courses take place every week from Monday to Friday
They take place in the afternoon
Meetings are at 2:30 p.m. in front of the diving center
The return is scheduled for 6:00 p.m.
A snack is organized on board after each outing, just to regain some strength
Bring swimsuit, T-shirt, towel, cap or hat and glasses
In the Mediterranean, for the little ones, the water temperature makes it advisable to start from the month of June until the end of September

Plongee Pour Enfants

Does your child like water and fish?

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