Discover the Scuba Diving

Your first dive

  • From 6 years old. (parental permission is required for minors)
  • Every day
  • No previous diving experience is necessary
  • You just need to be in good condition physical.

This is where it all starts …
Are you ready to experience diving?

Have you always wondered what it feels like to breathe underwater?
Want to try scuba diving:

But you are not quite ready to take the plunge for training?

Embark on the adventure with our first dive!

The Cap Ferrat Diving team offers 3 programs to make your first contact with the world of the blue planet and discover a rich and exciting environment!

Centre de plongée 06230 stage plongee sous marine enfant

The Classic: Ideal for under 12s!

And yes, our little ones also have the right to discover the effect it has to breathe underwater! This 25-minute discovery dive allows you to make your first bubbles, while discovering the Mediterranean flora and fauna. Be careful, they will ask for more!

Le Cap Ferrat Diving

Created for lovers of the sea!
With this program, take the time to feel the weightlessness and observe for 45 minutes , this fascinating world.

Our favorite first dive!
♥ Ideal to do as a couple.

Centre de plongée 06230 accompagnement formation plongee
Centre de plongée 06230 plongee en couple 06

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving

The program Discover Scuba Diving is a presentation of the activity which is done in 2 guided and accompanied dives by a professional.
You start by learning to assemble your equipment and during your first dive , you learn the first basic techniques.

Thanks to this program, you credit a diving for your future training !

The exercises you learn during this initiation program Discover Scuba Diving can be credited towards your certification course Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver .

How is a first dive?

Your diving instructor will come by some time with you to explain the guidelines and basic safety techniques necessary for this first experience. You will then go to a protected site where your instructor will help you practice the first diving techniques such as breathing. Then, if you feel like it, and always accompanied by your instructor, you will do a discovery dive, to a maximum depth of 6 meters. (for adults)

What can you expect?
First and foremost, lots of fun and a fascinating new experience! The first underwater breaths, weightlessness, colors and all that, with a total feeling of security in the company of a professional …. You will ask for more!

And after. ..
Thanks to a few additional steps, if you have followed the “Cap Ferrat Diving” or “Discover Scuba Diving” program, you can start your training towards PADI certificates Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver and experience those sensations forever and around the world!
Visit our page Learn .

No matter which option you choose, you are one step away from discovering the first secrets of the underwater world. .

Make your dreams come true !!!

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