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Description of the Discover Local Diving course

Like any avid diver, you want to discover the seabed around the world. As each destination is unique, it is essential to adapt to the environments you are visiting.

Indeed, diving is practiced in all waters of the world, offering us for our greatest happiness, a wide diversity explorations. But each environment, each sea, requires specific techniques that it is important to master.

Decouverte Mediterrannee Plongee Sous Marine

In order to make the most of your dives on the French Riviera, Cap Ferrat Diving offers you the Discover Local Diving PADI, a presentation of our “underwater” region and training adapted to our funds.
Adopt the right techniques by diving with one of our experienced instructors in local diving, thus your experience will only be better! Thanks to this Discover Local Diving PADI training, he will reveal almost all the secrets of diving in the Mediterranean.


The experience begins with a briefing from your instructor specializing in Mediterranean on the particularities of our various dive sites: Relief, current, centers of interest, possible dangers… and the techniques used locally.

He will also inform you of the animal and plant species that you will soon encounter , their singularities, their habits … But also how to interact with them in a responsible and respectful way. In short, your dive instructor will tell you what to do to make your dive enjoyable and worry-free!

If you haven’t dived for a while and you feel like a refresher necessary before this training, do not hesitate to inform your instructor who will then advise you on Scuba Review PADI .

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Bapteme De Plongee Encadre


No specific equipment is essential for the training Discover Local Diving PADI , you will use your basic diving equipment. Regarding thermal equipment, it depends above all on your sensitivity.

We generally use full 6mm wetsuits (men and women) with integrated hoods. Cap Ferrat Diving provides you with everything you need to make your diving enjoyable.

Our store offers you all the news Aqualung to have fun!

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