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Description of the Diving course in PADI waterproof clothing

You want to dive everywhere in the world, regardless of the season and the water temperature? Do you want to discover ice diving or meet new species?

Then the specialty Diving in Waterproof clothing PADI is made for you!

Completely isolated from humidity and cold, you will have no limits and you will be able to, immerse yourself in the coldest waters of the globe to discover their wonders …

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Registration conditions

To access this training, you must:


First of all our PADI instructors will present you the different types of drysuits as well as the underwear that you can associate with them. You will determine with us which ones are the most suitable for you, according to your sensitivity, your morphology and the type of dives planned.

We will then reveal some secrets to you to equip you with a minimum of assistance but also to take take care of your new drysuit!

During practical lessons, our instructors will also teach you to familiarize yourself with your new outfit: precautions for use, buoyancy, ballasting … so that your dives are only happiness!

Apprendre Plongee Nice

Good to know!

Diving in PADI waterproof clothing can be validated as a Dive Adventure Dive for your patent Advanced Open Water Diver.

Do not hesitate to inquire in our center .

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As you can imagine a combination waterproof will be necessary in addition to your usual equipment.

Our team will advise you on any other equipment that may be necessary to make you comfortable in your waterproof clothing. To equip yourself as well as possible for this new adventure, visit our store and discover the entire Dry Clothing range Aqualung !

Start your Dive Training in PADI waterproof clothing

Our PADI Dive Center is waiting for you to get the PADI Dry Suit Diver Manual and its video. After having read it, you will be ready to jump into the water with us, to practice the diving exercises in waterproof clothing.

Do not be overly cautious and get ready to discover all the waters of the globe !

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