Master Scuba Diver PADI

Course leading to certification

Description of the PADI Master Scuba Diver course

Join the elite of recreational diving with the Master Scuba Diver PADI !
Indeed, this certification recognized worldwide, justifies in the eyes of all, your excellent technical level of scuba diving but also your important diver experience, in various environments.

No matter where you go diving on the planet, the Master Scuba Diver will guarantee to the centers welcoming you, that you are in your element in the water!

In addition, know that only two percent of divers reach this level, so you will become like a mentor to other divers by helping them in their practice and motivating them in their development.

Cours Amelioration Flotabilite

Registration conditions

Plongee Epave Monaco Nice


For this program you will need your scuba equipment usual, also including diving computer, lamp, compass…

Our instructors PADI will not hesitate to supplement your equipment according to the specialties practiced.
In addition, our store remains at your disposal for any need!

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