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Description of the Open Water Scuba Instructor training

Are you passionate about diving?
Do you want to make your passion your job?
Don’t hesitate any longer and embark on the incredible adventure of OWSI!
This professional qualification allows you to teach and share your passion for the aquatic world to the 4 corners of the world.
Training takes work and commitment, but the rewards will only be better, with the result of an international diploma recognized around the world. Join the dive professionals who establish and teach all PADI training programs.
Confucius used to say, “Choose a job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life.”
Formation PADI OWSI

Conditions of registration

To become a PADI Instructor, you must:
Be 18 years old.
Be an EFRi Instructor or holder of EFR training(CPR and first aid) for less than 24 months. You can acquire the EFRi level during your instructor training.
Have completed a minimum of 100 certified dives.
Provide a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice and teaching of diving.


The Open Water Scuba Instructor training takes place over a minimum of five to seven days.
During this program, you will learn how to demonstrate and teach all of the PADI core courses, including how to organize your practical and theory sessions safely.
You will also deepen your knowledge of the world of PADI diving and the marketing related to this activity.
The main topics covered are:
  • PADI Standards and Procedures: Theory and Practice in an Aquatic Environment.
  • Learning, teaching and the PADI System.
  • Risk management and diver safety.
  • The diving business and your role as an instructor.
  • Dive Marketing and Tips to Improve Sales.
Good to know!
You can earn college credit for the Assistant Instructor course and for Instructor Training (IDC).
PADI Assistant Instructor
PADI Instructor OWSI

Start your PADI Assistant Instructor Training

You will then need to obtain the PADI IDC kit, including the necessary educational material, from your dive center.
The e-learning optionallows you to study the nine knowledge development sections independently and at your own pace.
By starting your learning early, you will be more prepared to practice the technical exercises required during the training.

What is the Instructor Examination (IE)?

The EI is an evaluation program allowing a candidate instructor to be tested on several points:

His teaching skills, his theoretical knowledge, his level of his diving techniques, his understanding of the PADI System, as well as his attitude and professionalism.
PADI IEs are standardized and conducted by certified and specially trained PADI examiners.

PADI IEs are standardized and conducted by certified and specially trained PADI examiners. Examinations take place over two days, in environments carefully selected to ensure that the assessment of candidates is as objective and fair as possible. Only those meeting the required skills obtain the respected PADI Instructor certification.

They share their experiences …

Some stories from PADI Instructors about their new life.

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