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Description of the PADI Deep Diving course

The intoxication of the depths… Fascinating & amp; mysterious…

Whether you are entering the world of wrecks or discovering a new underwater landscape with its intensely blue light and crystalline sounds, there is a good chance that the attraction of the depths will appeal to you. one day, in your career as a diver.

However PADI Deep Diving requires a certain technique and some precautions, that the training PADI Deep Diving , also known as Deep Diver, will teach you so that you can embark on these new discoveries, in safety and in confidence. p>

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Registration conditions

To access the training Diving Deep PADI , you must:


Before starting, We will discuss together the reasons that push you to dive deep (up to 40m) but also, why it is essential to know your personal limits well.

You will then do 4 dives with our PADI instructors who will teach you the following points:

  • The specialized and essential equipment for Deep Diving: Computer, parachute, lamp…
  • Planning of deep dives, procedures between pairs and principle key to diving, buoyancy control (Which you can perfect with the specialty PADI Buoyancy enhancement )
  • Safety, with the management of your air and the principles of nitrogen narcosis.

 Good to know !
Do not hesitate to inquire at our diving school. You can validate the first dive of this training as Adventure Dive for your level Advanced Open Water Diver.


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For your training Diving Deep PADI , you will need specific equipment in addition to your basic equipment: As you will see with your instructor , a dive computer is compulsory, and we strongly recommend that you bring a lamp and a slate to communicate better with your buddy.
If necessary and following your dives, our team will advise you on additional equipment.

In order to equip you for your new training, our store remains at your disposal.

Start your PADI Deep Dive Training

To start your new specialty, bring the Deep Diver Crew-Pak (specific kit for PADI Deep Diving training) including manual and video, available in our center .

We can also agree on the schedule of your practical dives that you will do with our team of PADI instructors.

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