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PADI Enriched Air Diver

Description of the PADI Nitrox Diving training

The diving specialty enriched air PADI is certainly one of the most popular. Indeed, its many advantages make passionate divers addicted to this practice!

The air breathed there is more enriched with oxygen, making it possible to increase the safety of dives, reducing the risk of diving accidents. desaturation, but also to reduce fatigue at the end of the dive, due in large part to the elimination of excess nitrogen.

Our state-certified instructors will explain to you how Diving Nitrox PADI allows you a longer dive time but also how it ensures you a more efficient and safe decompression…

So if you want to optimize your dives here or abroad, get started quickly into this program!
Your organization will thank you!

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Registration conditions

To participate in this specialty you must:


We will study together how diving with air with a higher percentage of oxygen and lower nitrogen content will extend your no-decompression time. We will also see what are the necessary equipment related to this practice.

Before taking action, here are the main points raised:

  • Benefits and precautions of exposure to oxygen
  • Analysis of the percentage of oxygen in the gas contained in your cylinder.
  • Setting and using your computer in Nitrox Dive mode. li >
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Bapteme Plongee Duo


Enriched air diving requires very specific equipment in addition to your usual equipment, which you can find in our boutique .
We encourage you first of all to check that your usual computer can be used in Nitrox mode.
Our team will then provide you with the following material:

Analyzers oxygen and special stickers for labeling the bottles.

Diving cylinders meeting oxygen purity standards and dedicated to the use of enriched

Start your PADI Nitrox Dive Training

You have the option to start immediately with the PADI Learning option, by registering at Enriched Air Diver Online, to study at your own pace before going to practice.
You can also choose to choose the manual version Enriched Air Diver and its video, available in our center . We will take the opportunity to plan together your future Nitrox dives.

Do you want to benefit from your dives while keeping in physical shape? Here it is!

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