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We all want to immortalize our experiences and our underwater encounters to share or relive them once on land.
That’s why Underwater Photography PADI has become one of the most popular diving specialties. Especially since the underwater camera market allows us today to capture beautiful images without being a photographer and / or professional diver.
However, some basics and knowledge are still essential.

So the PADI Underwater Photography training allows you to progress quickly, regardless of the device used. In addition to the techniques related to photography, your instructor will also teach you the essential notions of respect, safety and buoyancy.

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Registration conditions

This training is available from 12 years old, with a minimum level Open Water Diver Jr . And since underwater photography isn’t just for divers, there is also a course option for snorkelers and freedivers.


During your training supervised by the one of our specialized instructors and composed of 2 practical diving courses, you will learn:
  • How to choose the right underwater camera to your needs
  • The PADI SEA (Grab, Examine, Adjust) method to take beautiful shots quickly
  • The basics of getting a good composition of underwater images.
  • Practical techniques for using your device correctly and in the best possible way.
Stage Photo Sous Marine Cap Ferrat

Good to know

Note that the second dive of this PADI Specialty may be validated as an Adventure Dive for your certification Advanced Open Water Diver.

To perfect your technique and the quality of your shots, your instructor will direct you, if necessary, to additional training Peak Performance Buoyancy , improved buoyancy, one of the major secrets of successful shots!

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In addition to your diving equipment basic, you will also need to equip yourself with a digital camera, underwater or with a waterproof case, which you can then connect to your computer, in order to save, view and share your photos!
Also feel free to visit our store which is full of various accessories and varied to make your underwater photographic adventures practical and efficient, and make you a true photo pro!

Start your PADI Rescue Diver Training

To start your training immediately, register during the Digital Underwater Photographer Online course at PADI eLearning . The latter allows you to study at your own pace the principles of beautiful underwater photography, with a bonus section on underwater imagery (including video).
So, ready to take some great shots ?!
Or contact us to get the printed version of the Digital Underwater Photographer Manual. We will plan together your knowledge review program as well as the practical diving part.

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