Rescue Diver PADI

Course leading to certification

Description of the PADI Rescue Diver course

The course Rescue Diver PADI is described by divers as the most rewarding course. Why?

Simply because during this course, you first learn to have more confidence in yourself and your skills, but above all to become a better pair.

Secondly, you learn with problem-solving exercises to prevent and manage different situations in the water, until it becomes a reflex.

In addition, the course is fun! He is serious of course, but we also laugh a lot during the training and in the end, you will be able to help no matter what!

Formation Rescue Diver

Registration conditions

To access the Rescue training PADI Diver , you must:

  • Be at least 15 years old
  • Be certified in the Adventure Dive Underwater Orientation specialty.
  • Hold (for less than 24 months) the EFR PADI diploma, Emergency First Response (primary and secondary care).
  • However, it is possible to take this training with us during the Rescue Diver PADI course.


This program prepares you to deal with emergency situations while diving, using a variety of techniques.
Indeed, during the development of knowledge and rescue exercises, you will learn to detect a problem and respond to it.
Then, during the rescue scenarios, you will practice your knowledge and skills.
Topics include:

  • Self-rescue. li >
  • Recognize and manage stress in other divers.
  • Emergency management and equipment.
  • Rescue of panicked divers.
  • Rescue of unconscious divers.
Formation Emergency First Response Padi Nice
Cours Amelioration Flotabilite


In addition to your usual diving equipment, you will need additional material for the exercises. In particular, a pocket mask for practicing aquatic resuscitation. During this training you will also work with lines (ropes), buoys, floats, a mannequin and an oxygen therapy kit…

Our PADI instructors will help you choose the additional equipment you have need, like your own first aid kit, useful throughout your life as a diver.

Our dive shop is here to advise you on everything you will need for your new diving adventures.

Start your PADI Rescue Diver Training

To start immediately, register you during Rescue Diver Online on PADI E-Learning. This online course covers all five sections of knowledge development and allows you to study at your own pace. You also have access to an online version of the Rescue Diver Manual for your reference during and after the course.

Also, you can choose the “Rescue Diver Kit” which includes a book the Rescue Diver Manual and a DVD to study the theoretical part. Drop by our PADI 5 * dive center to register, get the equipment and start studying.

One of our PADI instructors will schedule an appointment for you to plan knowledge review sessions and those of rescue exercises and scenarios.

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