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Description of the PADI
Scuba Review course


It’s been a while since you last dived and you want to get back in the water?
The PADI Scuba Review course is what you need, to boost your diving knowledge and skills. Quick and easy, you’ll feel like a fish in water again!

Indeed this program is the Ideal before a stay dedicated to diving or before approaching a new training PADI. Our qualified instructors State will review with you the technical exercises relating to your level, in a suitable and secure environment, so that you are perfectly at ease before your new underwater adventures.

Good to know!
The PADI Scuba Review allows divers Scuba Diver PADI to evolve towards the Open Water Diver PADI certification, most recognized diploma in the world!

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In the company of our instructors, you will come back to the principles of base of the dive. First, check and rig your equipment then perform the famous BALLO check with your buddy.

Then, your teacher will remind you of the important concepts in terms of safety, dive planning but also how to deal with possible problems underwater. Finally to conclude your PADI Scuba Review , once submerged you will perform the exercises relating to your level, always insisting on the essential point of diving… Buoyancy!

Element key to the practice of our sport, we can only recommend the PADI training Peak Performance Buoyancy, for improving your buoyancy…


For training PADI Scuba Review , you do not need any additional equipment than your usual scuba diving equipment.

However, our instructors will not hesitate to recommend additional equipment if they deem it necessary.

In addition, our shop specializing in diving is available for all your needs!

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Start the PADI Scuba Review training

If you want to start your refresher course immediately, you can register for the PADI eLearning course Scuba Tune-up Online. This system allows you to study your course at your own pace before moving on to practice.

But if you prefer the paper version, visit us in our Cap Ferrat Diving center , to obtain the Scuba Tune-up Guidebook. Contact us later to agree on your practical exercises.

Let’s go! It’s time to get back in the water!

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